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Dispatches from the Hateful Fringe

Charges against the publisher of Toronto's worst newspaper, Faith Goldy gets uninvited, and other dispatches from the hateful fringe.

Participants arrive to one of the monthly rallies in Nathan Phillips Square. 

>>Toronto City Councillor wants to ban “hate-sponsored rallies”

Councillor James Pasternak (Ward 10, York Centre) is looking into the City’s options to ban “hate-sponsored rallies” from City and provincial property.

Since February, anti-Muslim groups have been showing up monthly to demonstrate at Toronto City Hall. They warn about what they see as “creeping Sharia law” and the “Islamization of Canada.” Many members and leaders of these groups are anti-Muslim racists, and the movement includes white supremacists and Nazis, who showed up in the vanguard of the last rally with an honest-to-god Nazi flag.

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Toronto’s transit ridership is in a league of its own

The TTC carries the more riders than other transit systems in the region, so why isn't it prioritized?

Photo from 2012 by Sean Go in the Torontoist Flickr pool.

When it comes to transit planning, we can’t ignore the elephant in the room: the TTC.

It’s time to pull rank, Toronto. Let’s talk about scale.

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Andy Byford leaves Toronto for the lights of Broadway

A look back at the highs and lows of the Byford years, and the challenges ahead for his successor.

Photo by John Tavares via Flickr.

Andy Byford will leave his post as CEO of the TTC for a new position heading the most troubled transit agency in North America, New York City Transit. That is the largest component of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and it operates New York’s bus and subway systems. Other divisions handle commuter rail (equivalent to our GO Transit), bridges, and tunnels.

Decades of mismanagement and political infighting in New York have left their subway system in a shambles, as the New York Times recently reported in great detail. That is the chaos Byford faces as he gives up a successful run in charge of Toronto’s system. He knows the challenge from his role on the Transportation Reinvention Commission that reviewed the sorry state of New York transit.

What have the Byford years brought to Toronto? Did the accomplishments match the glowing descriptions and a five-year plan capped with the North American Transit System of the Year award? What will the city miss, and where does the TTC turn now for management and leadership?

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