Bad sex, paranormal romance and Sarah Palin sell

Bad sex, paranormal romance and Sarah Palin sell

Paranormal romance author Lynn Viehl, whose book Twilight Fall made the mass market paperback New York Times bestseller list, shared her royalty statements with the world this week in an online article. It turns out that landing on a title on the coveted NYT list doesn’t always land an author with a condo in the sky and a house in the Hamptons.

Sarah Palin must be in the holiday spirit: her train wreck of a book just keeps on giving. Today, we have two lovely bits of news: The Associated Press compiled a list of errors found in Going Rogue and let’s just say that the list is extensive. Since Palin’s book is index free, Slate decided to whip one up for us. Torontoist’s favorite entry? “Russia, proximity of Alaska to, 275; map proving it, pre-index page.”

In 1944, Private Kurt Vonnegut was captured by the Wehrmacht troops during the Rhineland Campaign, and became a prisoner of war. During this time he wrote his family a letter, telling them about his capture, and now that letter is available to read on the excellent Letters of Note site.

Comic Book Resources compiled the 75 most iconic DC Covers of All Time. The covers are posted in no particular order, so don’t get riled up if you think Watchmen deserves to be higher. If you do get riled up, take your cause to the Internet!

And finally, it’s no big secret that some good books contain a lot of bad sex – or bad sex writing, that is. The Literary Review announced the shortlist for it’s bad sex in fiction award. Paul Theroux, Nick Cave and Philip Roth all scored nominations on this year’s roll call, but it’s interesting to not that of the ten shortlisted authors only one woman, Sanjida O’Connell, wrote steamy passages bad enough to rank with the boys. The winner will be announced November 30.